12 mayo 2010

Rehabilitation in Guillain Barre

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Rehabilitation in Guillain Barre 151K

Fary Khan, MBBS, FAFRM (RACP), is Lecturer, Rehabilitation Studies, Department of Medicine,
University of Melbourne, neuro-rehabilitation physician, the Melbourne Extended Care and
Rehabilitation Centre, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and Head, Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal
Unit, Caufield General Medical Centre, Victoria.
Guillian Barre syndrome (GBS) is the most common form of neuromuscular paralysis.
It mostly affects young people and can cause long term residual disability.

11 mayo 2010

Modelling of human walking to optimise the function of ankle foot orthosis in Guillan Barre patients with drop foot

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Modelling of human walking to optimise the function of ankle foot orthosis in guillan barre patients with drop foot .994k

Jamshidi N, Rostami M, Najarian S, Menhaj M B, Saadatnia M, Firooz S
This paper deals with the dynamic modelling of human walking. The main focus of this research was to optimise the function of the orthosis in patients with neuropathic feet, based on the kinematics data from different categories of neuropathic patients.

Characteristics and acute Rehabilitation of Guillain Barre syndrome in singapore

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characteristics and acute rehabilitation of guillain barre syndrome in singapore 41.2k

Tratamiento farmacológico para la Polineuropatía axonal idiopática

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 Tratamiento farmacológico para la polineuropatía axonal idiopática 190k

Vrancken AFJE, van Schaik IN, Hughes RAC, Notermans NC
Reproducción de una revisión Cochrane, traducida y publicada en La Biblioteca Cochrane Plus, 2008, Número 2

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